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The Wooden Scribe    

I handcraft my pens and pencils from exotic hardwoods imported from all over the world. I use a small lathe and hand-turn the wood or acrylic blanks, then use 14-karat gold cap rings and other hardware to fasten them together. The ink fillers are of the finest quality.


My pens and pencils come in a variety of styles and if you donít see what you like, I can custom make one just for you. When you pick one up, you can feel the warmth in your hand and anticipate the hours of writing pleasure that await you.

I have seen similar pens and pencils in fine specialty and department stores. If you were to purchase one there, you would most likely part with anywhere from $85 on up, so my pens are indeed a bargain.



Contact me for a price list. Generally most pens and pencils are in the $30 to $40 range plus shipping...

gift boxes and other items are available.


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